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Who knew stationery

Welcome to my world ,welcome to the world of pens paper staplers and everything in between.

Just thought I would share with you a  few facts about the little world that is stationery.

My customers know I am passionate about it in fact I drive them crazy with my love of the stuff. Its as well I sell it for a living  . WIN WIN they get a rep that is informed and a little bit kooky at times and I get to sell what I love.

If anyone has anything to add please be interactive chat to me . Help me create this little blog that it RED OFFICE the life of me. 🙂


From Lipstick to Pritt Stick

“Dr Wolfgang Dierichs is a man who revolutionised the world… of glue,” joked Ward. In 1967 Dierichs, a researcher at German manufacturing company Henkel, went on a plane trip and saw something that inspired him: a woman applying her lipstick. He realised that you can the form of the twisty tube and fill it with glue. “A cynic might question the story of whether the un-named woman ever existed. But I am not a cynic,” added Ward.

Tipp-Ex led to MTV

Bette Graham Nesmith worked at a bank in Texas and made lots of mistakes on the electric typewriter. Working over Christmas, she noticed that artists painting the sign boards painted over their errors. With her son Michael (later of the music band The Monkees) she experimented with a tempura water based paint and small brush to type over mistakes. After Bette died in 1980, Michael inherited $25million, which he invested in the PopClips concept of a TV show playing music and inadvertently paved the way for MTV.

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  1. It looks like you live in a fabulous world, with all the cool products.

    Did you know Rosemary? That a Post-it note once survived a trip from Las Vegas to Minneapolis on the nose of a plane.

  2. Brilliant I love this . I Bet it wouldn’t survive on my heel the walking I do in in a day in .. HIGH . HEELS !!!

  3. I have had the most exceptional service from Rosemary at Red Office, Having always bought my office supplies from other sources, I have recently ‘switched’ to Red Office. What a wise decision that was! Rosemary and the team go out of their way to find a great deal for us. As a charity we require the best quality which Red Office Provide, and their delivery service is second to none. They are quick to respond to any queries. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!”

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